Young Sporting Wonders

2021 Results

After being inundated with hundreds and hundreds of entries for this inaugural competition in March, Rob Walker spent weeks sifting through all the brilliant essays trying to pin down the best 100 to award the book tokens

There was a wide cross section of boys and girls from all across the country, from both urban and rural schools, writing about a diverse range of sporting interests from football to running, to mountaineering and Bull Rodeo racing. There was even one entry from New Zealand from a young man obsessed with triathlon!

After being so impressed with the quality, Rob contacted the National Book Token team in London who designed a limited edition book token which Rob could send out to all the relevant schools to award in assemblies up and down the country. Rather than simply emailing a barcode to the winners, the best 100 now have an actual memento of their entry and achievement.

And in June as promised the best entries took advantage of the opportunity of a lifetime to interview a global sporting champion on Zoom, the results of which you can watch on this site.

Paula Radcliffe, Mark Selby, Mark Williams and Alistair Brownlee have been brilliant with their time, energy and understanding of the need to inspire the next generation and the feedback from those lucky enough to talk to them has been superb.

Special thanks also go to animator Ben Satchel, Editor Chris Fenton and Web Developer Lloyd Culpepper all of whom spent far longer than they should have done to make the edits, the site and competition look as professional as possible.

Having only ever been designed to help one book shop through lockdown, the success of Young Sporting Wonders means this now stands the chance of becoming a regular annual competition.

It's clear that regardless of background, academic ability or sporting prowess, children across the country are passionate about what they do, they want the chance to tell people about it and the opportunity to learn from the best.

Long may that continue.

For any further information on any of the entries, winners or the concept, please feel free to get in touch with Rob and roll on 2022!

[email protected] or @robwalkertv on twitter

What is it?

This is a competition for 100 children to win a £20 Book Token

The top 10 then also win the opportunity to conduct a Zoom interview with a global sporting star. We already have Paula Radcliffe, Alistair Brownlee, Mark Selby, Mark Williams & more.

Young Sporting Wonders will have those interviews professionally edited and do our best to get them on air!

How do I enter?

This remit is simple. Just write to us about you and Sport

You don't need to be a star player or brilliant at English* to succeed in life or in this competition

This isn't about perfect punctuation or amazingly creative writing!! This is your passion for your sport in your words. Pure and simple.

Paralympic Sport is one of our passions at Young Sporting Wonders, so if you are a member of a disability club, tell us about it! What you do and where you go and when you started.

You could write about...

  • Why you play a certain sport, who you admire, a match you went to with a relative/grown up
  • Tell us about when you scored a goal or a try for your local club
  • How does it make you feel when you go climbing, swimming, running, sailing or cycling?
  • Tell us about a great day of sport you either watched or took part in!


  • You must be either in Years 3-6 or Years 7-11
  • 1 Page of A4 if typed
  • 2 pages of A4 if you hand write it and take a photo of the pages
  • Up to 1min 30 a half of audio talking about your passion

*Written and spoken entries in Welsh are absolutely fine too. We have translators!

Competition is closed. Come back next year for another chance!

Who's Involved?
Why are we doing this?

This is a very tricky time for everyone, including parents, teachers and children.

Broadcaster, Rob Walker wanted to do something positive for children across Britain & Northern Ireland and a local business in his area, so he bought £2,000 of book tokens from an Independent children's bookshop called Octavia's in Cirencester.

After consulting various friends who work in education and using his contacts in Sport, the idea of Young Sporting Wonders was born.

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