Young Sporting Wonders

What's Next?

A huge thank you to the hundreds and hundreds of pupils who have entered our competition!

We have been inundated with entries and they are all brilliant!

Owing to the volume of entries we received, we will be announcing the winners and arranging the Zoom interviews early in the Summer Term so please bear with us

If you have any question in the mean time, please get in touch

What is it?

This is a competition for 100 children to win a £20 Book Token

The top 10 then also win the opportunity to conduct a Zoom interview with a global sporting star. We already have Paula Radcliffe, Alistair Brownlee, Mark Selby, Mark Williams & more.

Young Sporting Wonders will have those interviews professionally edited and do our best to get them on air!

How do I enter?

This remit is simple. Just write to us about you and Sport

You don't need to be a star player or brilliant at English* to succeed in life or in this competition

This isn't about perfect punctuation or amazingly creative writing!! This is your passion for your sport in your words. Pure and simple.

Paralympic Sport is one of our passions at Young Sporting Wonders, so if you are a member of a disability club, tell us about it! What you do and where you go and when you started.

You could write about...

  • Why you play a certain sport, who you admire, a match you went to with a relative/grown up
  • Tell us about when you scored a goal or a try for your local club
  • How does it make you feel when you go climbing, swimming, running, sailing or cycling?
  • Tell us about a great day of sport you either watched or took part in!


  • You must be either in Years 3-6 or Years 7-11
  • 1 Page of A4 if typed
  • 2 pages of A4 if you hand write it and take a photo of the pages
  • Up to 1min 30 a half of audio talking about your passion

*Written and spoken entries in Welsh are absolutely fine too. We have translators!

Who's Involved?
Why are we doing this?

This is a very tricky time for everyone, including parents, teachers and children.

Broadcaster, Rob Walker wanted to do something positive for children across Britain & Northern Ireland and a local business in his area, so he bought £2,000 of book tokens from an Independent children's bookshop called Octavia's in Cirencester.

After consulting various friends who work in education and using his contacts in Sport, the idea of Young Sporting Wonders was born.

Contact Us

Got questions? Please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you